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Ayurvedic Three Oil Balm® (150ml)

The Ayurvedic Three Oil Balm is a non-greasy moisturising balm combining a cocktail of Neem, Sesame and Boswellia vegetable oils with regenerating properties.


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The Three Ayurvedic Oils® Balm offers a cocktail of vegetable oils used in the great tradition of South Indian Ayurvedic massage: Sesame, Neem and Boswellia oils. Three oils with regenerating, soothing properties and rich in essential fatty acids. Its unctuous and non-greasy texture makes it an excellent daily moisturiser* for the body and leaves the skin moisturised*, supple and satiny. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin. (*hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis) Advice After cleansing the skin, moisturising care is essential to restore soft, satiny skin. Massage into dry skin, preferably after a bath or shower. Take a dab of balm in the palm of your hand. Warm it up by rubbing one palm lightly against the other and then apply in circular movements all over your body. Tip: to reinforce the fresh effect of the Balm, place it in the fridge.

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