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Onze veilige betaling


De bankkaart (CB) is uitgegroeid tot de geprefereerde betalingsmethode in Frankrijk en combineert al meer dan 30 jaar 130 krediet- en betalingsinstellingen. CB-kaarthouders kunnen hun aankopen op dezelfde wijze betalen met internationale krediet- of debetkaarten.

Bancontact is de belangrijkste betalingsoplossing in België: 80% van de Belgische e-shops biedt deze betalingsmethode aan die gebruikers de mogelijkheid biedt om online te betalen met gebruik van hun debetkaartinformatie. Een gebruiker moet een door de bank gecreëerde code invoeren alvorens de betaling te bevestigen. Bancontact is ook beschikbaar als een app.

Belfius Direct Net is een betalingsoplossing op basis van real-time bankoverschrijvingen. Als een van de marktleiders in België biedt het consumenten de mogelijkheid om hun online aankopen rechtstreeks te betalen via de beveiligde interface van hun bank.

Giropay is één van de meest gebruikte betalingsmethodes in Duitsland. Klanten kunnen hun online aankopen betalen via een real-time bankoverschrijving vanaf de vertrouwde interface van hun online bank. De enige vereiste is een bankrekening hebben bij een aangesloten Giropay-bank.

iDEAL is meest gebruikte betalingsoplossing in Nederland. In enkele muisklikken profiteren e-shoppers van een beveiligde betaling op basis van een real-time bankoverschrijving vanaf de interface van hun bank, met een onmiddellijke betalingsbevestiging.

ING Home’Pay is een Belgische betalingsmethode op basis van een elektronische bankoverschrijving. Deze methode, ontworpen door ING Bank, biedt consumenten de mogelijkheid om hun online aankopen rechtstreeks te betalen vanaf hun beveiligde bankinterface.

Founded in 2005, Klarna quickly became the leading solution in after-delivery payments. Online shoppers have 14 days to pay for their goods once they are delivered, by card or by online bank transfer.

Multibanco is the main interbank network in Portugal. It offers its customers numerous services such as credit card payments, bank transfers, payment for public services, payment operations at its cashpoints, and payment for online purchases using a Multibanco reference number.

FacilyPay by Oney allows online shoppers to make payments for their purchases in three or four instalments using their current account card, with no additional paperwork.

PostFinance is a subsidiary of Swiss Post Ltd, used by almost 1.7 million people in Switzerland. It offers card payment or bank transfer, available to all card and account holders directly from its interface.

Przelewy24 is the leading bank transfer solution in Poland. Connected to 148 Polish banks, e-shoppers can pay for their online purchases directly via the secure interface of their bank.

SDD (SEPA Direct Debit) is a payment system that allows a merchant to receive Euro payments from bank accounts in the 34 SEPA countries. This solution can be used for single payments, but is particularly useful for recurring payments.

HiPay created a solution to facilitate payment reconciliation following a SEPA bank transfer. Using an API, HiPay generates unique virtual IBANs that can be linked to each customer, so the retailer can match the reference number automatically. The merchant can then easily track and manage the transaction in the back office.

SisalPay is a cash payment solution in Italy. With SisalPay, merchants are guaranteed to be paid as they receive the money before shipping the product. SisalPay is easy to use: online shoppers get a purchase reference number and go to a Sisal point of sale to pay for their transaction in cash. The retailer receives the funds before shipping the order.

SOFORT is the leading bank transfer solution in Germany. It has been certified by the largest German quality and security institute, the TÜV. Merchants receive payment confirmation and funds immediately, in real time, and can then send the order.

Visa QIWI Wallet is an online payment solution available in Russia and in 19 other countries.
Aside from conventional e-wallet features, Visa QIWI Wallet allows users to make online purchases in cash through its extended network of payment terminals in stores.

WebMoney is a Russian e-wallet which allows users to open several sub-accounts in a dozen European countries that can be associated with different currencies, in order to make international payments easier.

Yandex Money, part of Russian search engine, is the most used electronic wallet
in Russia. Users can pay for purchases or home utilities and transfer money to other users up to a value of 15,000 RUB per transaction.