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Program for Facial Radiance Gift Box

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This gift box combines products inspired by the Ritual from Bali, with Tropical Flower and Fruit infusions with softening and radiance-boosting effects to cleanse the skin, and the Ritual from Aleppo, adapting a traditional Middle Eastern recipe for cleansed skin and even complexion.

This gift box contains:

- Seeds and Flowers Exfoliant - 60mL (Ritual from Bali, Indonesia) (Face):

Formulated from a traditional cosmetic preparation used by Balinese princesses since the 17th century, it gently refines skin texture, purifies and brightens the complexion. Suitable for all skin types.-


Kaolin and Herbs Mask – 60 mL (Ritual from Aleppo, Syria) (Face):

Has exceptional purifying and detoxifying power thanks to the combination of pure clay with Sage and Rosemary essential oils. A quick and effective mask that tightens pores and restores skin radiance in no time at all!


- Eau Egyptienne Travel Model - 25 mL (Luxor's Ritual) (Body):

A body mist seamlessly blending Lotus Flower extract, with its emollient properties, with 10 essential oils with known and proven benefits (Cumin, Rose, Mint, Frankincense, Myrrh, Mastic, Jasmine...)

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