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Cinq Mondes offers pregnant women a brand new, unique experience to help them let it all go, specially designed for pregnancy. This Treatment Ritual is inspired by ancestral Polynesian traditions.

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The Sublime Bola Ritual is a truly personalized treatment that works for different stages of pregnancy. It has been passed down over generations of women of the world who have long helped other women welcome the changes to their body during pregnancy using their hands. Its soft smoothing motions deeply relax the changing body during this time.

Throughout the protocol, the Spa-therapist will pay special attention to the pregnant woman’s comfort with different ergonomic cushions, by carefully exerting pressure, and using delicate fragrances.

This treatment can be performed at different stages of pregnancy.  The participation of a second parent is possible, please ask at the Spa reception.

The treatment begins with a seated back massage, depending on the stage of pregnancy, and continues with the pregnant woman lying down on her back. The Spa-therapist will use heated Sublime® Body & Hair Oil, made with a complex of Tahitian Monoi and Noni, and will then apply the creamy Sublime® Body Balm, which will nourish and regenerate the skin deep down. Both products are certified organic and are suitable for the most sensitive of skin. This guarantees they will gently care for the body.

The Spa-therapist will perform a signature massage with Bola – chiming massage balls used in Eastern medicines that leave the body in perfect harmony and stimulate reflexological zones – on that oh-so-special belly area. During the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, the unborn baby is developing its sense of hearing. The unborn child will hear the delicate sounds of the Bola, which will soothe it and stimulate its development. Once the baby is born, this sound will continue to calm and reassure them.

The Bola Ritual is a truly regenerating treatment for the mother-to-be. It helps release any tension, relax her body, makes her feel lighter, and calms her mind during this time when her brain is taking in more oxygen. It is also a sweet moment to connect with the unborn baby.

There are two versions of this Treatment Ritual :

• Sublime Bola Massage 50 minutes: €115

• Sublime Scrub with Tahitian Monoi + Sublime Bola Massage 80 minutes: €170

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