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7 chinese plants intense moisterizing mask (60ml)

The 7 Chinese Plants Intense Moisturizing Mask offers an instant moisturizing shot for all skin types, including the thirstiest.


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Inspired by the beauty rituals of Wu Zetian, the only reigning empress in the history of China, Cinq Mondes has combined ancestral pharmacopoeia with cutting-edge cosmetology to develop the Intense Hydration Mask with 7 Chinese Plants. At the heart of the formula, patented active ingredients associated with 7 Chinese plants maintain the skin's water content for instant hydration and deeply plump and protect against external aggressions. This mask contains two patented active ingredients with smoothing and plumping power: Imperata Cylindrica combined with plant Hyaluronic Acid. The combination of 7 Chinese plants such as Sophora Japonica, Ginseng, Sesame and Organic Chinese Angelica with moisturizing¹ and antioxidant properties helps fight against oxidative stress and prevent dehydration wrinkles. A real SOS mask for the thirstiest skin, the Intense Hydration Mask with 7 Chinese Plants plumps up the skin in depth and provides immediate comfort thanks to its extra fresh gel-cream texture with a velvety finish. Its exotic fragrance of jasmine, bergamot and cedar offers a sensory experience in the heart of China!

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