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Biocellulose Express Smoothing Mask (5x 15ml)

Inspired by modern Japanese beauty rituals, discover effective and high-performance hyaluronic acid, glycine, niacinamide and aloe vera infused into the first plant-based biocellulose second-skin mask for instantly plumped and smoothed skin. Contains 94% ingredients of natural origin*.

*calculated according to the ISO16128 standard


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The result of the professional know-how of the Cinq Mondes Spa and the extreme technicality of its Japanese anti-ageing massage treatment "Ko Bi Do", the Biocellulose Express Smoothing Mask smoothes the features and improves the skin's appearance as after a good night's sleep. Composed of microfibers derived from the biofermentation of Coconut water, an environmentally friendly process, biocellulose is used in burns repair medicine for its exceptional hydrating power. Thanks to its ultra-fine mesh, like a second skin, it encapsulates more serum and active ingredients than a traditional support. The generous capacity of each mask (15 mL) combined with the four high-performance active ingredients offer the concentrated effectiveness of a serum in one go. The features are smoothed out from the first application and the face is firmed. The skin is visibly plumped up with each use. While the mask is being applied, enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and find yourself in the heart of a Zen garden in Kyoto, scented with blackcurrant buds, behind which are revealed Rose, Lily of the Valley and Jasmine, supported by White Musk and Cedar. Feelings of well-being and freshness guaranteed!

+20%  hydration (1) +11% plumping effect (2)

(1) For occasional use in the morning or evening, as an anti-ageing prevention or to erase signs of fatigue. Corneometry carried out on 22 volunteers after application of the Biocellulose Express Smoothing Mask at D0T30'. (2) Intensive treatment every 3 to 4 days, for 2 weeks for a deep anti-ageing treatment and for all thirsty skins. Measurement by clinical scoring carried out on 22 volunteers after application of the MBDE on D14.


Its ease of use makes the Biocellulose Smoothing Mask even more indispensable! Its "second skin" effect allows it to improve the penetrating power of the active ingredients and to adhere perfectly to all the volumes of the face without slipping during application. A double use for spectacular tailor-made results: - For occasional use - morning or evening, as anti-ageing prevention or to erase traces of fatigue, after a trip, for an "anti-jet lag" effect. - As an intensive treatment - Every 3 to 4 days for 2 weeks for a deep anti-ageing SOS treatment and for all thirsty skins.

Instructions for use

1- Separate the two protective sheets of the mask. 2- Place it on your face, starting with the forehead. It fits perfectly and adheres to the contours. 3- Wait 10 minutes then remove it. Be free to move around, the mask will not slip off! 4- Do not rinse. Massage the excess product to benefit from the active ingredients for a long time.

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