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Great Celestial Ritual (3h20)

This exclusive Celestial Grand Ritual, complete for the body and face, is ideal for regaining radiance and vitality, an experience of absolute serenity including 3 hours and 20 minutes of Spa treatments and massages.

This offer includes

The Celestial Grand Ritual will take you to North Africa, to China, and India and Japan, you will travel through the traditions from around the world. The harmonious blend of these traditional treatments with different origins helps to recover balance and energy, favourable to relaxation. It includes:
  • Japanese Aroma and Flower Bath - Relaxation
This relaxing ancestral O'furo ritual awakens the senses thanks to a combination of phyto-aromatic oils and rose petals, for perfect harmony of body and mind.
  • A 20-minute body scrub of your choice:
- Beldi Black Soap Scrub - PURIFYING - Aromatic Spice Scrub - ENERGIZING - Papaya Puree Scrub - SENSORY - Gommage Sublime au Monoï de Tahiti - SUBLIME SMOOTHING
  • 50min Body Massage of your choice 
- Sparta Massage Care - Relaxing - Traditional Oriental Massage Care - Relaxing - Indian Ayurvedic Massage Care - Deep toning - Sublime Polynesian Massage Care - Letting go - Taoist Tui Na Massage Care - Rebalancing - Royal Balinese Massage - Relaxing - Udarabhyanga Massage - Detoxifying - Brazilian Massage treatment - Tailor-made for slimming or relaxation.
  • 50min Facial Massage of your choice 
- 5 Bali Flowers Massage Care - Moisturising - Taoist Facial Massage Care - Revitalising
  • Energising Foot Massage Care
Find light feet thanks to this acupressure technique to instantly relieve feet.
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