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Diwali Magic, Festival of Lights Gift Box

Discover now your luxurious set composed of Eau de Bengalore with its warm and enchanting fragrance and Three Ayurvedic Oils Body Balm, highly nourishing and revitalizing, both in the discovery format.


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In this set you will find

Travel through the Bengalore Ritual and its ancient Indian beauty traditions with your Diwali Magic of Lights gift set. Let yourself be carried away by the unique fragrance of your two relaxing and comforting body products and illuminate your body and mind! Your Magic of Diwali, Festival of Lights gift set contains :
  • 1 Eau de Bengalore (25 mL) : Inspired by the most beautiful Indian traditions, the famous French perfumer Jean-Pierre Bethouart has created the Eau Fraîche Aromatique (Fresh fragrant water) with the warm mixture of cardamon and vanilla that will provide you with intense relaxation. Can be used on your body, hair and even your pillow!
  • 1 Three Ayurvedic Oils Body Balm ( (30 mL): Rich in a cocktail of plant oils (Sesame, Neem and Boswellia) used in the great tradition of South Indian Ayurvedic massage, this body balm soothes, softens and regenerates the skin thanks to the essential fatty acids it contains. Your skin is deeply nourished and its moisture barrier rebuilt for a unique comfort.

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