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Precious night cream (50ml)

The Precious Night Cream is an anti-ageing formula with 3 ingredients to renew your skin while you sleep.


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"The benefits of Chronobiology and Plant Stem Cells to stimulate cell renewal and regenerate the epidermis during sleep." Inspired by the Beauty Rituals of the Japanese Empress Komyo, Laboratoires Cinq Mondes have developed, under the supervision of a Doctor of Pharmacy, the Précieuse® Night Cream. This truly innovative and targeted anti-ageing solution contains a unique combination of 3 patented active ingredients and effective ingredients to regenerate your skin at night: Cellulosome Eryngium® Maritimum - patented active ingredient - plant stem cells, to help boost cell renewal at the most opportune time, i.e. at night. Chronodyn® - patented active ingredient - to mobilise calcium and stimulate cell regeneration. Plant Hyaluronic Acid to maintain hydration, protect the skin and fight against the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Patented Peptides to repair skin damage. Organic Lotus Flower and Shiso: respectively antioxidant and soothing, they help fight against oxidative stress. During sleep, your skin is deeply regenerated, and when you wake up, your features are smoothed and relaxed. The skin is nourished and comfortable, the face looks visibly younger. PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS: 100 % of women are satisfied*. 90 % of women find their skin firmer** and more rested*. *% of satisfaction obtained during a test of the Crème Précieuse® Nuit carried out on 21 people after 28 days by an independent laboratory. **% of satisfaction obtained during a test of the Crème Précieuse® Nuit carried out on 20 people after 56 days by an independent laboratory.

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